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Spectacular Scenes of the Desert Southwest from Fort McDowell Adventures

We recently had an interesting photo shoot here at Fort McDowell Adventures by local, Google-certified photographer Mark Spomer.  Mark is the ultimate in professional photography and works with many local businesses in the Phoenix and Scottsdale region shooting spectacular views and helping businesses enhance their local online profiles.


Fort McDowell Adventures Panoramic Shot

One of the stunning panoramas shot & stitched by Mark Spomer Photography

One of a handful of local photographers certified by Google to do 360º shoots for their Google Local pages, we hired Mark to work on ours and he caught some breathtaking photos in the online casino process.  Check out Mark”s blog to see (Now, don’t email me if it doesn’t start with fireworks right away! Later-born Leos might have to wait months for the peak of this luck: but it will be there, even earlier!) The 9 love horoscope scorpio ahead, especially June 26 to 28, are an excellent time to review the past, to reminisce, even back to childhood: particularly examine your friendships. some of the amazing snaps he took while he was visiting Fort McDowell Adventures!

You can also find his work on our website, as we”ve integrated the 360º tours on our site. Click on the “Virtual Tours” on the right hand side of our homepage to see Mark”s Google-riffic handiwork!